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Fundacion En Via
  • Average minimum wage: $3.94/per day
  • Loan Amount by SBF: USD 10,000
  • Average New Loan Size: USD 153
  • Interest Rate: Interest Free
Fundacion En Via channels capital from tourism into local communities by using tour fees to provide interest-free loans, which support the business ideas and goals of local women entrepreneurs.

They remove barriers that prohibit financial inclusion by providing access to affordable loan options. They also provide integrated educational programs that foster a healthy community, supporting economic and social growth.

Dona Elvia

Business: Papaya Crop

Doña Elvia decided to start growing papaya, in order to ensure that her children could continue their studies. She wakes up at 5:00 AM every morning to work in the fields, with occasional support from her husband. Papaya can be planted year-round in Mexico with the help of fertilizer and an irrigation system. She sought a 4,000 pesos (approximately $300 US) loan from Fundacion Realidad A.C., a microfinance organization, in order to buy fertilizer for her plants. With funds she was able to plan an additional two acres of crops. She hopes to use the profit from this crop of papayas to buy herself a motorcycle, which would drastically cut down her travel time and would allow her to more easily transport her produce and supplies.

When asked what it feels like to be a female entrepreneur, Doña Elvia grins and tells us she feels proud to be a productive woman. She also tells us that she is confident that this crop is progressing so well that it will allow her to start to make her dreams come true.