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Opportunity Columbia
  • Average minimum wage: $1.16/per day
  • Loan Amount by SBF: USD 46,000
  • Average New Loan Size: USD 280
  • Repayment Rate: 99%
More than 12.7 Million people live on $2 per day. 34.1% of the population lives under poverty line.

Opportunity Colombia is currently empowering more than 40,000 marginalized people to transform their lives by extending financial inclusion and relevant business training

Opportunity Colombia and Colombian transformation NGO, AGAPE work in partnership to provide 45,053 clients own a savings account (64% of which are women).

Opportunity Colombia has received Smart Campaign Certification, demonstrating exceptional commitment to client servicing.

They provide transformative mentoring to impact all areas of individuals like: economic, social, personal and spiritual.


Business: Teacher

Teachers can change the world and Grace is leading the pack in her community in Bogota, Colombia. Jesus’ Little Kids School has grown to a student body of 70 children who are learning under her guidance as principal and proprietor every day. Grace, a teacher with a degree she earned through a scholarship to private college, has overcome many challenges along her journey to fill a gap in her neighbourhood for children to receive a good quality education in safe learning environment. Grace accessed an Opportunity loan to buy the larger house next door, becoming a proprietor of her own school. Over the course of six years, Grace has supported the nursery and two kindergarten classes with what parents call the best quality education available.